Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Day 2: Home Practice

Sorry about the photos in this post. They were taken with my iPhone. Easy uploading means I'll probably continue posting iPhone pictures, but I will try to get some real camera pictures up occasionally.

Here's today's set up. Mia is in her room having quiet time since she's on a nap strike. Well, she naps about every other day. On the off days she just has to spend quiet time in her bed. Eevory did not want to take a nap so she's at the head of the mat in her exersaucer. To my left I put an assortment of toys for when she became bored.

Shortly after Surya Namaskara B, Eevory became bored and fussy so I let her out to crawl around.

After Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana B, I hear Mia calling me. I find her in bed, naked, yelling, "Need to go poop, Mama!" I scoop her up, dash to the bathroom, put her on the toilet and take a brief Shavasana on the bathroom floor while Eevory cruises along the edge of the bathtub. I remember I used to get irritated when the person next to me was breathing too loudly.

My body felt heavy today. I had a harder time with the sun salutations. I couldn't keep my body off the floor in about a third of the Chaturanga Dandasanas. Parivritta Trikonasana was also exceptionally hard. I've always been befuddled by that particular asana, but today it just seemed impossible. In regards to that posture, a teacher once told me I was hopeless. A rock star visiting teacher once looked at me and said, "Where do I begin? Wow!" while my (at the time) regular teacher giggled next to me. I feel disoriented when I attempt it. It feels wrong. I also discovered that Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana is much harder when my previously size 2/4 legs are now a size 8/10. If that's not motivation to lose weight...

My girls after practice


  1. *Mia Poops Nearby*
    *Eevoy Cruises*
    *You execute yoga technique: SUCCESS*

    Your serenity level has increased by 1 to 213.

  2. It is definately an interesting experiment to do an AStanga practice with the little ones! I have been working on it off an on (as it is just a small part of my home practice). Lately, my husband and I take turns so one can baby-wrangle while the other tries to practice.

    My upper body is still quite weak since the birth, but after losing a lot more of the baby weight, I realized I was stronger than I though! Those extra 10 - 15 pounds made a big different in my practice!

  3. And I thought practicing with a cat was hard....

    You'll find a groove, I know it.
    Mia is doing what I sometimes want to do- crawl under my mat.
    Good work, mamma!

  4. Tom, thanks for the skill up! Yeah, practicing with a toddler is teaching me a lot about bringing my focus inward.

    Tammy, I hope that happens for me, too! I'm hoping that if I can start working on my strength when I still have the extra 20 pounds that I'll feel stronger once I (eventually) lose the weight. (crossing fingers)

    Thanks for the encouragement, Liz! That's right, I'm looking to get my groove! (I'm imagining you saying "that's right" and it's cracking me up.)