Monday, August 31, 2009

Day 7: Ugh

I didn't want to practice today. After the luxury of a led class, I had a hard time getting started. Eevory was taking a nap, Mia was having quiet time and I knew it was time to get moving. I cursed my way through the sun salutations. Groaned through the fundamental asanas. Mia started banging on her bedroom door so I opened it and put up the baby gate so that she could watch but not climb on me. She exclaimed, "Mama yogin!"

Translation: Mama yoga-ing

"I'm trying, baby. I'm trying."

Sort of. My practice was a mess. I had no energy, no enthusiasm, no balance, no humor. I wasn't even trying for a decent Chaturanga Dandasana.

I stopped at Navasana.

Eevory woke up and joined me on the mat for finishing so I skipped headstand. She likes to pull up on me when I'm in headstand.

On the bright side, now I know that I can force myself to practice when I'd rather curl up in bed and pull the covers over my head. That has to be progress. I either rewarded or consoled myself with some yummy Late July Vanilla Bean with Green Tea between Rich Chocolate Cookies I bought last weekend because I had a coupon. They were delicious.


  1. This blogging is very exciting!!! Remember, the practice is daily so that you can observe the crappy days and just know that they're crappy and that's okay. A good day will happen soon. I skipped Friday's led primary because I was too grumpy, so tried to practice on Saturday instead. I did a total of 4 sun salutations and then said, "that's it".

    Those Late July cookies are AWESOME! I miss them.
    Now that I'm thinking about them, I must go pound down some grapes and watermelon in place of sugar!

  2. If you keep up this sexy 40 days of super yoga you will get amazing rewards from your husband. Of the funnest kind.

  3. Sorry, Liz! I almost didn't mention them since I know you are off sugar and probably don't want to be reminded.