Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Day 8: A Practice in Three Parts

I spent almost an hour talking to my good friend Liz, yogini extraordinaire, so I was psyched about my practice. Eevory was sleeping, Mia was having quiet time in her room and I was full of energy (also thanks to some late morning green tea). I was on my fifth Surya Namaskara B when Eevory woke up. I rocked her back to sleep.

Back on the mat I did two more of Surya Namaskara B to warm up again then continued with the series. After Parivritta Parsvakonasana I heard a lot of shuffling around in Mia's room. I opened the door to find Mia naked from the waist down and a huge poop on her bedroom floor. As I began to clean up the mess, Eevory woke up screaming.

At that point I wanted to say, fuck this. Did the Yoga Korunta speak to maintaining a daily practice while caring for a toddler and an infant? Is it even possible?

Then my mother called and offered to take Mia to the store to buy her some new shoes. Ah! A miracle!

After Nana and Papa picked Mia up, I rocked Eevory back to sleep. I pulled out the mat for the third time. I'd already done 12 sun salutations so I just jumped back into where I left off. I couldn't bind in Mari D since I wasn't warm enough. Stopped after Navasana. Took a long, long shavasana. Ok, I fell asleep.

I am starting to get a little strength back while moving through my vinyasas. It is so slight that no one would be able to see a difference, but I can feel the subtle changes in my body starting to happen.

I celebrated with more Late July cookies.

Mia came home with two pairs of super cute shoes. Don't you think so?


  1. Those shoes look so adorable! gold! scarlet! so pretty with Mia spinning, dancing, and running around in them.

    Wooo hoo! Way to go getting Eevy to sleep for long enough to progress in your yoga. I wish the iPhone had taken better movies of your practice the other day ^_^

  2. "I celebrated with more Late July cookies."
    of course!

    I can't tell you enough, I'm super impressed you're keeping up with this. I think it's going to pay off - and the blog, it's great, I look forward to it every day!

  3. Thanks for the encouragement! It really does help. Home practices are hard. It's so easy to think, well, I can just skip this posture. No one will notice. The two-year-old won't tell. I just tell myself, well, if I don't do it today, it'll just be that much harder tomorrow.

    Comments from my super friend Liz and hunky husband Tom keep me motivated! Thanks, ya'll!