Saturday, September 5, 2009

Day 12: Supta Kurmasana and (assisted) Drop Backs!

Great practice today. Both girls slept and Tom was on call to rock Eevory when she woke up. The exciting news to report is that I've shown Tom a few adjustments and he's great at it. He helped me in Marichiasana D and I was able to grab my wrists on both sides. He helped me keep my feet behind my head in Supta Kurmasana. Lately they've been slipping off. Trying to push myself up to vinyasa out of the posture was pretty comical. Luckily Tom didn't know what I was trying to do so he didn't laugh at me.

But I'm most excited about getting help with drop backs! Mia had woken up by the time I got to back bending, so she was watching this part. She was especially entertained my Mama's attempts at utpluthee. She giggled the whole time. When I was finished she said, "Good job! Mama get's gummy candy!"

We give Mia Annie's fruit snacks (we call them gummy candy) to reward her for using the potty. Today is the first time she's suggested that I reward myself for something non-potty related. So, of course, I celebrated with gummy candy!

After practice my back felt great. I spent the rest of the day feeling open and expansive. This is why I practice Ashtanga! I was singing love songs to the practice all afternoon.

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  1. Good job!!
    mmm. gummy anything.

    So great that Tom is up for helping, it's nice to have that.