Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Day 15: Anger

That damn tree in the neighbor's yard. Three times now huge sections of it have come crashing down after a heavy rain. The first time our entire drive way was blocked. The second time the entire street was blocked. The third time our neighbor's yard was hit.

Tree 3

Well, our neighbor finally decided it was time to take down the part of the tree still standing. This meant that our driveway was completely blocked by tree remains so I was trapped at home all day. I couldn't even push a stroller from our front door to the street. To make matters worse, from 8 in the morning until almost 5 at night we had to listen to the near constant sound of chain saws. I was angry about the constant noise, but more than anything I was angry that the neighbor didn't ask if she could use our entire front yard for her tree removal project. Yes, I was grateful that the tree hazard was getting hauled away, but my anger was beyond reason.

So, I fumed through most of my practice as I listened to the chain saws. Even Mia stood at the window and told them to "stop screaming."

I stopped early, because it was my lady's holiday and because I was loosing my breath to anger. I'd like to write more but Tom is taking the computer so that he can raid (WoW). More tomorrow.


  1. Oooooooh!!!! I feel for you!! I get crazy angry when that sort of stuff happens. Noise pollution is serious stuff. Being trapped with two babies and having to listen to chain saws all day? I would have gone out of my mind.

    Several summers ago I took the summer off from my job (which was costly, but I did it to prepare purses for ACL). I didn't know that was the summer my street would be re-paved. They took months to do it because they kept screwing it up- digging up sewage lines, having to dig up what they paved because of covering man holes, etc- idiots!!- so I was woken up each morning at 7am with jack hammers, dump trucks, and that insanely loud beeping that the trucks use when backing up. They would work till 5pm on some days, 7pm on others. The sound shook my house. I could hear them through earplugs, and my sewing room is near the street, so the noise was so loud I couldn't sew. I had to try to work at night, but I couldn't sleep during the day, so it I was sleep deprived and not getting anything done! Needless to say, I was homicidal that summer.

    Hope you have a better Wednesday!

  2. Thank you for letting me raid, I appreciate it very much.! I did TotC for the first time tonight. You are the best wife ever!! Wednesday will be better for sure.

  3. Hey Liz. Yeah, I was pretty much going crazy. We usually take a walk in the morning. The noise was also making both girls extra irritable so add lots of crying and temper tantrums to the chain saw noise. But at least it was only 1 day! I can't even imagine having to deal with that for an entire summer.