Saturday, September 19, 2009

Day 26: Unassisted Drop Backs!

For some reason I thought that Saturday was a moon day so I was going to take it easy, but as I was practicing I felt so strong I decided to throw caution to the wind and go for it. Turns out the moon day was Friday so I was good anyway.

Chaturanga felt good. My vinyasas were feeling more controlled. But the exciting news came with Supta Kurmasana. I only had the tiniest finger tip clasp, but I was able to keep my legs behind my head as I pushed myself up to sitting and then pushed up into tittibasana! I was so excited that I pulled Tom out of the bedroom and did it again to show him. I didn't have the strength to vinyasa out of tittibasana, but getting into tittibasana is still progress. First time I've done it post baby.

I really wanted Tom to help me with drop backs, but Eevory woke up as I was back bending so I decided to go for it without him. He stood in the room rocking Eevory and watched. To be honest, they were pretty terrible. My feet were too far apart and were splayed out, but I got up and down all by myself. ( I feel like Mia saying that) Maybe some teachers wouldn't let me do drop backs on my own if I need to splay my feet out to get up, but it's my home practice. I'll do what I want! Ha!

Seriously, I'll probably have S watch me do them and get her opinion. B told me that when she went to Mysore (a decade or so ago) that drop backs were the determining factor of whether you could begin learning second series so people would do anything to stand up. In her class she'd let me do just about whatever I wanted when practicing drop backs. A, however, didn't want me doing drop backs on my own until I learned to use the strength in my legs to keep my feet parallel. Anyone have opinions to share on this subject?

I did another week of meal planning. In an attempt to simplify my life,  I'm not going to plan a new menu each week. I'll try to encorporate one or two new meals into the weekly rotation, rather than trying to come up with a menu of new dishes every week. I'm also trying to plan meals around what's in the garden. I went shopping at Central Market this morning and bought an entire week's worth of food. I'm feeling very pleased with myself right now. I'm also giving up canned beans this week because of BPA concerns. This week I'm experimenting with using the slow cooker to cook dried beans.

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