Saturday, September 12, 2009

Day 19: Menu Planning

So...yesterday. I started my practice at 4:30 a.m. I was feeling pretty good. Moving through sun salutations, breath was strong. Then suddenly it hits me. Why am I doing this? I could be in bed. Sleeping. Curling up next to my husband. This sucks. I don't like this at all. What's the point? I'm still fat. I'm still weak. I have a baby. The baby is sleeping. I'm supposed to be sleeping when the baby sleeps. It's dark. The sun won't be up for hours. As soon as I finish this asana I'm going back to bed. OK, fine, I'll finish the fundamental asanas, then I'm going to bed. Well, I've made it this far, I might as well get to navasana, but then I'm done. Fine, I'll keep going, but after supta kurmasana I'm done. Seriously. I hate you, utpluthee. Stupid shavasana. Integrate this!

I think that pretty much covers it.

After that practice, I was not looking forward to getting started again today. I still had yesterday's bad attitude. But after a few sun salutations, I made a complete 180. I felt strong. I could hold myself up. I felt good. Why doesn't everyone do this? This is amazing! Look what I can do! I can put my feet behind my head! Woohoo!

I also went grocery shopping today. I love to cook, but I hate menu planning, list making and grocery shopping. But today, with help from Tom, I planned a menu for the week, made a list and bought everything I'll need to cook dinner from Sunday until Thursday night. Here's what the Severn family will be eating for dinner this week:

Sunday: Cheese Lasagna
Monday: Black Eyed Peas and Chard with Soba Noodles
Tuesday: Green Bean and Mushroom Stroganoff
Wednesday: Farmhouse Fricassee (made with seitan)
Thursday: Stir-Fried Tofu and Vegetables with Orange-Sesame Sauce

And Friday will be either taco, burger or pizza night to reward myself for making it through the week.


  1. My menu would have been cheese lasagna Sun-Thursday, and P. Terry's on Friday.

    Two night ago Mike said he was making dinner. Some sort of Greek salad. SALAD. For dinner. Though I knew my image of eating a meal fit for a rabbit couldn't possibly be right (since Mike eats more like a full grown male lion than a rabbit), I still couldn't take a chance. I drove through P. Terry's for a french fry appetizer! Shhh!! He doesn't know. And the salad, by the way, was super filling and delicious- pasta was involved.

    Congrats on your practice breakthroughs!

  2. Have you been to El Chilito yet? It's on Manor past East Side Cafe, Mi Madres, Hoovers, etc. I like that you can add beans and rice to your taco order for $1.89. I'm a fan of the vegetal with guacamole.

    Salad for dinner makes me nervous too. Take the same ingredients and put it in a hot soup and I'm fine (as long as I get it with a big hunk of bread and butter) but a bunch of cold, uncooked veggies just doesn't seem like dinner to me. Maybe lunch. For dinner, I'm addicted to comfort food. Besides, after I slather my salad in dressing, there's nothing healthy about it.