Sunday, September 20, 2009

Day 27: Best Husband

I am writing this blog post on my brand new MacBook Pro 17 inch. It's not even my birthday. Tom surprised me with it just because he's the best husband ever. Besides the POS Dell computer that I bought for law school, I haven't had my own computer since 2000. I am so excited.

OK, back to yoga. Another good practice day. I went to Supta Padagunsthasana then Mia woke up so I went on to back bending. I like when Mia wakes up while I'm still practicing even if it means that I have to cut my practice short. I think it's good for her to see me practicing. Check out this adjustment.

Drop backs were kind of hilarious. Up and down, up and down, starting to move up when I realized that I didn't know where Mia was, whipped my head around and fell on my butt. She burst into peals of giggles.


  1. totally adorable photos... was it like having a little kitty giving you the squash? ha ha!!

    I'm HORRIBLY jealous of you with your new swanky computer!

  2. She's 26 pounds now, so, yeah, a big kitty. It was pretty funny!

    After ACL you'll have to come check out my new computer. It's so pretty!

  3. Since you're the best wife ever, you deserve a shiny computer!

    I am totally to blame for the blurry pictures... we need a sunroof or some other better light!