Monday, September 7, 2009

Day 14: Mia's Sun Salutation

Kids watch everything. Mia said, "Doing yoga!" lifted her arms in the air then threw herself on the ground. I'm pretty sure that she was emulating Mama doing surya namaskara A. I grabbed the iphone and asked her to do some more yoga. This is what she did:

Can you see the downward dogs in there too? I think it's so cute that after watching Mama practice, Mia's interpretation of yoga involves jumping around then throwing herself down on her belly.

I was feeling pretty low energy today so I moved slowly through the practice. At least it felt slow. I told myself that I was going to skip half the vinyasas, but I kept forgetting to skip them so did almost all of them anyway. I feel like I should be stopping at supta kurmasana until I can bind but I don't really know. I don't feel like I'm far from binding, so I think I'll keep stopping there.

After practice I was insanely hungry. Insanely as in it drove me to eat two veggie burgers.

After dinner we white saged the house. Mia was so excited that she ran around the house squealing and asking to shake the incense, too.


  1. That is hilarious!!

    I went home for Thanksgiving one year when my niece was around 4- she saw me showing someone handstand against the wall and she jumped in and imitated me! Now she and her little sister do "yoga poses" for Aunt Liz. They're so flexible it's sick.

    I like that you ate 2 veggie burgers! i had P. Terry's again tonight. PMS is my master at the moment.

  2. Well, I just started my period today so I'm going to blame PMS for my temporary insanity that caused me to yell, "Get me two!" when Tom offered to make a P. Terry's run last night. I also ate french fries and some vanilla milkshake.

  3. I LOVE that video. I think we've both watched it over 100 times ^_^

    Practicing in front of Mia is so good for her. She's going to pick up on the postures and be headed into second series before she's in high school.

  4. I think my jump backs look like hers - flopping onto my stomach. I think she is more graceful though!