Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Day 30: still ouchie

I woke up with most of my blisters popped and oozing with open gaping raw flesh exposed. It was a really disgusting horror movie way.

I limited my asana practice again today to only sun salutations and fundamental asanas, but hit it harder since my fear of busting open my blisters was no longer an issue. I only had to modify in Parivritta Parsvakonasana on the injured side.

I love making baby food. It makes me feel like a better mother than I actually am. Check out the fancy schmancy leek and pumpkin purée. (Sorry about the iPhone pictures)


  1. oh my god.
    First, you are a GREAT mom, and second, it's pretty cool that you're making your own baby food.

    My practice today? 4 Surya Namaskara As, then a little Padangusthasana with extra hanging which led to going back into downward dog and raising each leg for a hip flexor stretch, and finally up to standing to do some karate kicks. Yes. It popped into my mind that doing some front kicks and back kicks might feel good on my hip flexors and might help me feel like my butt is not turning to mashed potatoes since I'm sitting at the sewing machine for so many hours each day.

    So, your practice was probably better than mine!

  2. You can do it honey bunny!

    If we're awake in the morning I'll facilitate your practice and if we're blissfully asleep then I'll come home for lunch and rock our girls to dreamy time.

  3. Thanks, Liz, but 1 Surya Namaskara of yours is more hard core than most other people's entire practice. I love the idea of you doing karate kicks in the middle of your practice. I hope you yelled hiyah!