Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Day 29: Barely

I almost didn't practice today, but the thought of having to start over again at day 1 drove me to the mat. That's the way it goes in Kundalini when you're working on a 40 day meditation. If you miss a day, you start over on day 1, even if you were on day 39. So, I had a highly modified practice today as I attempted to get through as much as possible without letting anything touch my thigh. I decided that 10 sun salutations and the fundamental asanas was enough to count as a bare bones asana practice so that's all I did today. I did a longer meditation practice to make up for it.

Last night I was draining the buckwheat soba noodles to go with the black eye peas and chard that had been slow cooking all day. I don't know exactly what happened. Maybe I was pouring too quickly. All I can remember is looking down and realizing that I'd poured/splashed hot water all over the front of my pants. Now I have blisters and bright red skin running from my right hip bone to the middle of my thigh. Very painful.

I'll keep trying to practice, but the next few days are going to be, like I said, highly modified.


  1. oh Jennifer, I'm SO sorry--- that's horrible. Good for you for sticking with your practice, though. Hey, 10 sun salutations and the fundamentals is nothing to sneeze at, you're doing great.

  2. Hey Liz! Uh, it was pretty pathetic. I was a total grandma. But thanks! I guess it was better than laying in bed.