Thursday, September 3, 2009

Day 10: Janu Sirsasana C, #$%*!

Tom was home sick from work today so he took a nap with Mia. Every time she would sit up he would tell her to lie back down. Eventually, after much protest and tears, she fell asleep. I rocked Eevory to sleep while sipping a cup of green tea.

After setting her down and putting out my mat I was so excited to be practicing with both girls asleep that I flew through sun salutations and fundamental asanas. I felt stronger and more energetic. My breath was strong. I was going to make it to Supta Kurmasana. That was my goal. It was within reach.

Janu Sirsasana A, Eevory woke up. I rocked her back to sleep and jumped back in. After Janu Sirsasana C she woke up again and attempts to rock her to sleep for a third time failed. I gave up. Didn't even do finishing.

On the upside, I'm gaining some strength in my shoulders. I can support enough weight in my arms and shoulders so that I don't have to touch my knees and thighs to the floor as I transition through my vinyasas. My Uddiyana Bandha is so weak. Much weaker than my Mulabandha (I think doing all the kegels while I was pregnant helped). When I jump back into Chaturanga it's like I'm throwing a sack of potatoes around. No core strength to control the movement. I land with a resounding thud. I imagine my teacher chastising me and in my mind I say, "I know. I know. I'm trying."

Have I mentioned how much I love practicing yoga in my underwear? That's a big advantage of practicing at home. And since I'm not doing any arm balancing, it doesn't matter how sweaty my bare legs get! Being a beginner has it's advantages...


  1. Watching you practice in your underwear is the strongest argument for a home practice ever.

    I love it too ^_^

  2. perv!

    I've practiced in many outfits at home and sadly, I find my actual yoga wear to be most comfortable. Looking at my legs in downward dog just about makes me want to commit suicide. And a top that doesn't strap down the boobs? Forget it, I can't deal!! But I'm sure you look cute in YOUR undies!

  3. The advantages of practicing in my underwear:

    Speed! I whip off whatever I'm wearing and jump on the mat. I can't waste precious baby sleeping time by searching for clean/dry yoga wear.

    The yoga wear I've been using for pre and postnatal yoga is no good for ashtanga. Think flowy black pants and loose t-shirts.

    I'm about 15 pounds away from fitting into my old ashtanga wear. I'm probably going to break down and buy some more so that I can keep going to that Sunday led class without wearing the same (too small) outfit every week.

    I'll have to move back to long pants as soon as I get to some arm balancing. I'll need the traction. In the meantime, I'm loving the freedom!