Friday, September 25, 2009

Day 32: Hard Day

Good thing I practiced this morning because my day has been awful.

I've been extremely accident prone for the last couple of weeks. I got my hand slammed in the car door. I cut my finger on the cheese grater (not just a scrape, it bled). The cat scratched me. I kicked the bed and almost tore off my toe nail. I poured boiling water on my hip and leg.

I think the reason why I have been so accident prone lately is because I am seriously sleep deprived. Eevory won't eat solid foods, she won't nurse for more than a few minutes at a time and nurses frequently. This means that at 8 months she still wakes up every two hours to nurse. When she slept for almost four hours straight I almost cried with relief.

Or maybe I'm cursed. Well, maybe we'll do another white sage cleansing this weekend just to be safe.

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