Friday, August 28, 2009

Day 4: Janu Sirsasana C

Sleeping Eevory

What a miracle! Both baby and toddler sleeping at the same time. I situated myself in the hallway so I could keep an eye on Eevory. (We cosleep with her)


Somewhere in the middle of the fundamental asanas I hear, "Mama! Need to go poop!" Is this kid saving up for nap time? Jeez. Turned out she had already gone poop in her diaper. After cleaning Mia up, situating her in the living room with some toys I was pretty cold so I did a couple sun salutations to warm up again.

I wanted to make it to Navasana, but after Janu Sirsasana B I started to feel a little winded, so I stopped after Janu Sirsasana C. Maybe I'll make it to Navasana tomorrow.

I completed all of finishing and even had a few seconds of Shavasana before Mia needed to go potty again.

Sleeping Mia

Mia finally did go to sleep.


  1. Sorry I'm being the mad commenter...
    Those photos are FANTASTIC!! Gorgeous girls, even if babies aren't my thing! har har!

    You're really doing a great job- no matter how far you get in your practice. I'm proud of you!

  2. I love your comments! They keep me motivated. Half the time I'm writing, I'm imagining that I'm sending you and e-mail anyway. (And then I have to edit out the bitchy parts. Ha!)

  3. yes, the bitchy parts need to be spoken in private with evil laughter!