Thursday, August 27, 2009

Day 3: Home Practice

When we got home from our playdate with Mia's friend Max, Eevy was asleep so I decided to start my practice early.

I encouraged Mia to occupy herself with some crayons and other toys.

I made it to Ardha Baddha Padmottanasana before Eevy woke up. I made it to Virabatrasana B before Mia started to hang off of my back leg, so I decided to move on to finishing.

After Salamba Sarvangasana, Mia stood on Isis the cat, so I called it a day.


  1. Did you at least make it past the 15 min mark this time, or did Mia's Catstand cut it even shorter?

  2. Yeah, it was definitely longer than 15 minutes. I should start timing myself. I'd say probably 35 minutes or so. I'll post a link to the series so that when I say where I stopped, you can see what asanas I did that day.

  3. Great job! I had a little help in my seated forwrad folds today as my little girl pushed on my back. Then we had a short break for nursing, and daddy took her so I could move onto working on my handstands! I haven't done a hand stand in a very long time. After I finished, my girl started walking (she never took more than a few steps before today)! I like to think my handstands inpired her.

    I don't know how your girsl react to a second yoga mat, but I lay one out beside mine so baby can have a place to sit. She seems to like the tesxture, and she prefers her own to mine.

  4. I have an extra mat, wouldn't hurt to try! That would be great if my girls preferred my crappy green travel mat to my regular practice mat.

    Congrats on the handstand! I tried one recently. It wasn't pretty, but mine never were! It was against the wall, so, I don't know if that even counts.

    How old is your little one? Yay for first steps! How exciting!

  5. My girl is 11.5 months! I actually tried doing a HIGHLY adapted astangha-like practice way back in Feburary. I didn't go very far, and I think my body just wasn't ready. Plus, now that I've lost about 10 or 15 pounds since then, I feel much stronger! I can't even do one chtararanga though. I don't push myself though. I learned the practice from a Viniyoga teacher though, so I have a lot of adaptations going on to support my shoulders, which have a history of instability.

    Headstand against the way - totally counts! I may add the wall just to give myself more time to work on it. At the moment, I can only hold it about a breath. Plus, the baby can't be in the room when I try it free standing as sometimes I flail! (very gracefully, of course :-) )

    I've noticed that since the birth, my inversions are more solid. It's like my core shifted in such a way that it is more stable now.

  6. Headstand I can do away from the wall. It's handstand that gives me problems. I've found that all my inversions are harder since the babies. Without my core strength, I feel floppy. It's like trying to balance a cooked noodle.