Thursday, November 12, 2009

Lessons from the Baby

Liz asked me yesterday if I was working on jumping back yet. I scoffed. Ha! I can't even engage my abdominal muscles. Please.

But, as I watched Eevory working so hard to walk, I was inspired. She doesn't set out an hour a day to work on walking. She works on it all the time. Even when she's sleeping. Hilarious, btw.

So, as I was playing with the kids today, I'd just periodically try to lift my but off the floor. One thing I noticed is that it isn't just my abs that are weak. My shoulders are weak as well. So, I can't blame pregnancy completely.

Upper body strength is important for any yogini taking care of little ones. You never know when you'll need to throw a fit-tastic toddler over your shoulder. So, that's some incentive to get my shoulders strong. That and my desire to look cool when I'm doing a vinyasa. I'm not above wanting to look cool.

Here's Aunt Kristina demonstrating the importance of a strong asana practice. She was carrying Mia out to the car when Sadie asked Aunt Kristina to pick her up as well. "Freeze! I need to get my iPhone out," I said.


  1. "my desire to look cool when I'm doing a vinyasa"

    Is there any other reason to work so hard at yoga? HA HA HA!!! Well, okay, it feels cool too. If I was still in martial arts, I'd wanna look like Bruce Lee, so it's not a stretch that I'd like to look like David Swenson or Kino MacGregor doing yoga, right?

    Good thinking on the constant practice! Eevory's great!

  2. Looking cool is a great example to set for your girls as there are so few images of women's physical strength out there in the media today. Seeing mommy flexing her muscles is a great thing to see!

    The advantage of being a baby and working on your form is that they have no other jobs to do other than work on their form. The tricky time comes when you have to be the grownup/wife/mother/etc and STILL try to find time to work on your form.

    Your blog inspires me both when you write of sucesses and of struggles!