Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Day 43: Shut Up

Never tell anyone that you have PMS. If you do, any negative emotion you have will be blamed on your PMS, even if you have a completely rational and legitimate reason for being pissed off.

Another nap time practice today. Eevory was sleeping and Mia was having quiet time. After many protests I let her join me for the forward folds. She sat next to me on the mat and imitated me for awhile until she got bored and wandered off. She'd wander back periodically and flop over me, giving me a little squish.

I finally started my period today so I might take tomorrow off as my Lady's Holiday. I usually find the second day to be the hardest. Here's an amusing thread I found on the Ladies Holiday for those of you who haven't heard of it. Some yoga practitioners believe that ladies shouldn't practice while menstruating.

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  1. my teacher had a nice take on taking a lady holday during menstration. He said that the tradition orginated in a celebration of the lunar connection during that time of the month, and as a result, women went into a place of reflection. Now, people have various explainations about why women should or should not avoid asana during menstation (many explainations have nothing to do with the tradition). Since he is a man, he doesn't give any advice to students himself, he just tells us how the tradition started :-)