Friday, October 23, 2009

Day 57: Pasasana

I'd planned on waiting longer to start adding second series, but for a variety of reasons I decided to throw caution to the wind today. After completing primary, I added Pasasana. By myself my fingertips are touching but with help from Tom I was able to clasp.

I was incredibly impressed with Tom's adjustment. My only instruction was, "Kind of like how you do it when I'm in Marichyasana D, but my legs are going to be different." While I was twisting towards my left, he pulled my left shoulder back with one hand and braced my right hip with the other hand. It was perfect.

I'd planned on putting off second for much longer. The thought of returning to Nakrasana gives me prickly heat. But, I'd really like to start working on Kapotasana again. I think it will help with my drop backs. Besides, there's a lot of postures between Pasasana and Nakrasana, so I'll have a long ways to go before I have to worry about that.


  1. Hurray!!! I learned all I know of adjustments from you bunny. You're a great teacher.

    It was really exciting to watch you begin 2nd series!!! I will catch up one day. A long time from now, probably :)

    Your practice is getting so much stronger. I'm so proud of you.

  2. yes! Get the to the back bending. In your case, you're not learning the series, you're just coming back. You're doing it on your own, so I think it's totally reasonable to go for it. If back bends make you feel strong and motivated, I think it's a great idea to put more of them into your practice. That's how I feel about handstands.