Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Day 48: Losing steam

I think I need to get to a led primary class to get some enthusiasm back. My practice today was uninspired. I managed to get both girls to sleep during nap time, practiced up to Supta K, didn't have any good reason for stopping other than I was tired and didn't feel like continuing. I'm in a yoga funk.

I've also been extremely irritable lately. I have a very short fuse. I don't know if it's the sleep deprivation, hormones, the ppd, the weather, or what but I feel terrible. I'm avoiding my most competitive friend because if she says something to set me off I'm likely to fume about it for days. (If you are reading this blog, you are not that friend)


  1. ... if you are reading this blog, you are not that friend...


    I'm back! I've actually read most of your entries, but haven't stopped to make a comment. I think my life is slowing down enough now for my blog reading/commenting!

    Remember to go easy on yourself. Your job is not easy and it's absolutely amazing you've stuck it out so long in a self practice. I only have a cat and I can't do a home practice every day. I do think popping into a led class would give you a little juice, though. And just think of how much stronger you'll be since the last time you went to a class! You've done a lot of work. Plus, the energy of others will give you a boost and you'll be even stronger than when at home with Mia climbing on you!

    Corndogs soon, okay?

  2. Yes, corndogs soon! I'll go to class and give you the scoop when I see you.