Sunday, October 25, 2009


No practice today. I spent the morning in the emergency room. Apparently I had a ruptured ovarian cyst. I blame Pasasana.

Not really.

I'm supposed to follow up with an OB-GYN this week. My practice may have to wait for a few days. We'll see how I'm feeling.


  1. Anything ruptured sounds painful... Hope you're doing okay. I think that counts as a legitimate reason to skip practice for awhile!

    I blame it on the mom jeans.

    Rest up and feel better soon!

  2. nothing like a mdeical emergency to take your mind off of less important things like mom pants!

  3. Oh no! I'll pray for a quick and painless recovery. Rest up, and get well soon!


  4. Hi Liz. Yeah, it hurt. They thought it might be my gall bladder so thought of you. When they first told me they might have to take it out my first thought was, oh crap, am I going to have to change my diet? Luckily the ultrasound revealed my gall bladder is just peachy.

    Hi Tammy, unfortunately, it would take a greater medical emergency than that to take my mind of the size of my thighs. Yes, I am that insane.

    Hi Faith, I'm all better now. Thanks for the nice thoughts.