Sunday, October 18, 2009


I'm thinking about getting a towel instead of a rug. I'm trying to decide between:

prAna Surya Yoga Towel

Skidless by Yogitoes

eQua by Manduka


  1. I like the idea of towels, but I need a thick, heavy rug myself. Check out Grimmly's reviews:
    I'm sure he's done more, just too lazy to look around!

  2. everyone in philly is apparently using the equa by manduka towel. they say it's better than skiddless by yogitoes because it doesn't have those little rubber nubbies on it and it actually absorbs the sweat really well. i don't use anything because i'm disgruntled and i hate feeling the towels under my feet. liz, any suggestions on rugs?

  3. oh Amanda, I almost don't want to suggest anything in case you hate it!! ha! My favorite so far (and trust me, I'm not a name-brand junkie) is the thick, woven Prana rug I bought a couple years ago. I can't seem to find it online, but I bet their current ones are similar. I like it because it's heavy and stays put. I wet mine pre-practice so I stick to it a little and don't slip.

    BUT- I hear a lot of people saying they don't like the heavy woven rugs because of the texture. So, who knows!

    I've never tried the yogitoes but they look annoying! Good luck- let us know if you try the manduka towel, I'm curious about it.

  4. Hey- Jennifer, you mentioned being interested in the thin, cotton Mysore rug? Check out this site! It looks juicy!

  5. Hey Liz, thanks for the urls! I'm so curious about the thin Mysore rugs. Maybe I'll email them and get more info.

    Hi Amanda, thanks for the info. I'm leaning towards the equa since I like my manduka mat and the skidlesss seems overpriced. I mean, it's a towel for crying out loud.

    I am one of those people who don't like the heavy rugs because of the texture, but I like the thinner rugs. I've never owned one, just coveted those of friends who have picked them up in Mysore.

    I typically don't sweat so much that I really need one. I'm generally fine with just my mat, but it would be nice to have one.

  6. Yoga towel makers are very proud of their yoga towels...

    eQua sure thing.

    No on Skidless.

    PrAna.. sure.