Monday, October 19, 2009

Day 53: paying the piper

Pushing it yesterday meant lots of soreness today. But, I had brunch with yogini extraordinaire Liz this morning so I was psyched for my practice. But in spite of my soreness, I had a strong practice. A brief practice because the girls both took short naps, but up to Marichasana it was great.

Everything was a little stiffer today. In particular my shoulders and upper back were sore. Getting stronger, I told myself. Most remarkably, I didn't hate every minute of it. I even liked parts of it. Hurray!


  1. It was great to hang out- you're looking fantastic.

    I had a sweltering practice yesterday, ending in "I need to get out of here or someone is going to die". ha! Cursed humidity.

  2. Thanks, Liz! Let's try to hang out again before you get swamped with Christmas work.

    Yes, cursed humidity indeed! I can't wait until we can practice together again, one day. I miss that Liz spirit! And the cursing. I miss the mid-practice cursing.